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Pro-Biz helps its members increase business by working to provide you with qualified referrals. A “qualified referral” is a person who has been contacted by another member and is expecting YOUR call!

We use a structured , proven networking system that will help increase your business opportunities. Other members in the group will act as your sales force and are committed to helping YOU succeed!


Be the only person in your designated business category
Ability to present information about your business with a 60 second “infomercial” at each meeting
Opportunity to give a 20 minute presentation on a rotating schedule
Develop lasting friendships with other members
Experience the satisfaction from helping others
Have your own sales force within the group
Recognize opportunities to act as a resource fro your own clients
As you bring in new members, you increase exposure for your own business


Each member has a responsibility to regularly attend meetings. Should you not be able to attend a meeting, you MUST notify the Vice President of your absence in advance of the meeting. If you fail to notify the Vice President or President of your absence it will be counted as an unexcused absence.
Any more than two unexcused absences per quarter will be subject to review by the Board and can lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of membership.

When you are absent you may miss the opportunity to receive business. If you are not able to attend a meeting, we encourage you to find an alternate who can attend in your place.

New Members receive:

Pro-Biz business card holder
Pro-Biz by-laws and manual
Name badge


Each member is required to give a minimum of six referrals per year. Members who do not give the minimum required referrals will be subject to the Board reviewing member’s ability to renew their annual membership. Giving referrals to other members will help result in receiving referrals from others. Please remember that giving is as important as receiving! The group strongly encourages giving as much business as you can to other members.
Pro-Biz also strongly encourages getting to know your fellow members. This is done through individual lunch or breakfast meetings or after hour’s social events. The more you get to know and trust a member, the easier it will be for them to give you referrals.

Please remember to say THANK YOU for any referrals you have received. That member worked hard to try to give you business.


Give a clear, concise description of the kind of referrals you are looking for and give an example of a good referral for your business;
Follow up on referrals received as soon as possible, preferably the same day you receive them as someone may be waiting for your call;
Give feedback to giving member letting them know how you followed up;
Give examples to other members of what differentiates you and your services from your competition;
Provide informative brochures and handouts.

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