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Exercise Inc’s slow-exercise method encompasses lifting a weight in 10 seconds, then lowering the weight in 10 seconds. This eliminates momentum and acceleration. The muscle is under continuous load and, therefore, reaches fatique quickly. Because the weight is moving slowly, the risk of injury is eliminated. (This slow-exercise method evolved through a five-year osteoporosis study involving female patients 50 and older. The study found that moving weight at an extremely slow speed actually built strength faster and safer in the participants than with any previously attempted method. A slow, 10-second movement proved to be key.)

20 minutes per workout.

Because moving weight slowly loads the muscle more efficiently, the average exercise session lasts about 17 minutes. The demand placed on the body’s muscles by this type of exercise is so great that 15 to 17 minutes is the maximum most people are able to endure. Anything beyond 20 minutes usually compromises precious recovery resources.

One workout per week.

Exercising too frequently actually can hinder the progress. Once the demand to grow has been placed on the body, rest is mandatory. The average person requires five to seven days to recover from an exercise session; therefore one exercise session per week is usually all that is permitted at Exercise Inc.