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Wellness chiropractic provides for unsurpassed physical, biochemical, emotional and psychological well-being by removing interferes to the natural self-healing and self regulating ability expressed through the nerve system. We define chiropractic as the discovery and removal of the vertebral subluxation, which is interference that is taking place in your central nervous system (CNS). It is important to recognize that our CNS is the master controller of our entire body and it directly correlates to our ability to function and exist.
People who are suffering from allergies, asthma, headaches, back & neck pain, digestive disorders. fatigue, low immunity, stress related conditions and a host of other symptoms are living in a subluxated state.
When we provide these individuals with an adjustment, we are able to remove the interference, and the condition dissipates. In addition, patients who are under regular chiropractic care (1-2x each month) actually prevent these situations from impeding upon their lives.
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